SHIPP (CRF) Coronavirus Relief Fund

Housing Rehabilitation/Emergency Repair 
Complete the substantial rehabilitation of substandard, homeowner occupied housing. The economic life of the house should be extended by an additional five (5) to ten (10) years. The maximum per unit cost of rehabilitation is $25,000. For a manufactured home to qualify, it must be considered real property and not be more than ten (10) years old as of the date of application. The work will address code deficiencies identified in the house and include, but not be limited to:

a.)    Repair or replace roof
b.)    Repair or replace interior walls
c.)    Repair or replace load bearing or exterior walls
d.)    Repair or replace damaged or sagging floors and ceilings
e.)    Repair or replace wiring and/or wiring systems
f.)     Repair or replace plumbing
g.)    Repair or replace faulty steps and porches
h.)    Repair or install heating, hot water heaters, electrical and sanitation
i.)     Repair or construct bathrooms and/or kitchens
j.)     Install septic tanks and/or hookup to city water and sewer
k.)    Paint homes, interior and/or exterior, in conjunction with other eligible activities
l.)     Install or replace floor coverings or carpeting
m.)   Inspect and fumigate for termites and other vermin
n.)    Install appliances to include stove and/or refrigerator, only when existing units cannot be reused
o.)    Install wall, ceiling insulation and other eligible weatherization activities
p.)    Repair, replace, or install heating and/or a/c units, as needed

SHIP funds will be used to provide emergency repair assistance for very-low, low and moderate income owner occupied homes to address emergency situations targeting health and safety concerns. The applicant will move up in priority on the waiting list for the emergency and all other items to be addressed. The Emergency Repair work is defined as work that will address health and safety concerns to include, but not be limited to

a.)          Leaky roof
b.)          Septic tank repairs, place, or furnish
c.)          Replace electrical wiring that is a fire hazard
d.)          Plumbing or water damage caused by leaky plumbing
e.)          Heating and/or Cooling

Purchase Assistance (with and without Rehabilitation):
SHIP funds will be made available to support down payment and closing costs for the purchase of an existing or new construction affordable housing unit on a one-time basis to income eligible home buyers (very low, low, and moderate).  On existing units $2,000.00 will be held in escrow by the closing agent, to cover minor rehabilitation costs to be done by a licensed contractor, prior to moving in.  On new construction projects, SHIP funds may be used to reduce the amount of the construction loan as well as providing down payment/closing cost assistance toward the purchase of a lot.  Construction financing must be in place prior to lot acquisition assistance.  Assistance shall be tailored to the individual affordability and financing needs of the participating home buyer, however, each home buyer shall only receive the minimum level of assistance required to enable the purchase of an existing or new construction home.  Permanent first mortgage financing (exceeding the SHIP Home Buyer Assistance) is provided through financial institutions without local guarantee, thereby leveraging a significant volume of private sector financing.  The purchase price of all units either new construction or existing units under the SHIP program will not exceed ninety (90%) of the area’s median purchase price for new or existing homes. For a manufactured home to qualify, it must be considered real property and not be more than fifteen (15) years old at the time of application.  Before the verification process begins, applicant must provide SHIP with appropriate pre-approval documents from a SHIP verified lender.

Replacement Housing:
SHIP funds will be made available on a one-time basis for income eligible families, very low and low income with preference going to very low income to demolish and replace existing housing units with affordable new construction houses when dwelling is beyond rehabilitation and repair. Assistance shall be tailored to the individual affordability and financing needs of the targeted family, however, each family shall only receive the minimum level of assistance required to enable the construction of a new home that meets the needs of the family.

Disaster Mitigation/Recovery
SHIP funds will be used in all areas of Hamilton County to provide emergency repairs to homes owned by very-low, low, and moderate-income families in the aftermath of a federal, state, or locally declared disaster as declared by Executive Order as provided in section 420.9078 (1) F.S.  Generally such needs shall include, but not be limited to, interim repairs to avoid further damage to the homes of eligible families; tree and debris removal required to make individual housing units inhabitable by the eligible family; and post-disaster with non-insured repairs to homes.  This optional strategy will be implemented only in the event of a declared natural disaster that directly impacts Hamilton County. 

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